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Roof Cleaning Voorhees New Jersey

 Roof Cleaning Voorhees New Jersey

Roof cleaning is a relativity new home service that evolved as a result of changes made to the manufacturing process of making roof shingles. Although it began in the southern areas of the US in the 90’s, roof cleaning services began popping up in the northeast and central states in the last decade.

roof stain map
Areas of Roof Staining in the USA

As with any new home service and especially with one so misunderstood, there are many individuals and companies providing stain removal that don’t know the proper way to clean roof shingle stains. Some are simply power washing the roof. This is very harmful to the shingles and will shorten the life of the roof as well as void the warranty. Others are applying the same cleaners that are used to strip oil stains from decks. This is also harmful since the shingle is made with tar. Some use combinations of cleaners and pressure, claiming their “cleaner” is doing all the work when in fact they are simply pressure washing the roof, sometimes with a surface cleaning device used to clean concrete.  Lastly, there are roof companies replacing entire roof’s for 10-20 times the cost of a cleaning.


We provide a no pressure roof cleaning (soft wash) that is both gentle and approved by the manufacture of the shingle. The companies that produce shingles have an association (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), and they have a technical bulletin (Roof Stain Cleaning) that addresses the staining.

tb_217.pdf 2013-06-23 03-02-12
ARMA Bulletin

We follow the manufactures recommendations and apply a detergent  to the entire roof (for even cleaning). Ten’s of thousands of roofs have been cleaned following this method across the USA with no claims or voided warranties.

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